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We have added        products. NuVet is one of the oldest and most successful pet vitamin companies in the United States. On the market for over 12 years and manufactured in a FDA (human-grade) facility, NuVet products are 100% natural with no sugars and no fillers. Click on the NuVet logo to go to our NuVet pages.

 We are located in central Georgia in Barnesville... "The Buggy Capital of the South". Only an hour from Atlanta,  Columbus and Macon, we are convenient to just about everything!

Prosperity came to Barnesville after the Civil War as a result of the buggy industry and its related businesses. Some of these were harness manufacturing, livestock breeding and sales, feed and seed stores, livery stables and buggy body manufacturing. Nearly everyone in the community was employed in an industry that was in some way connected with the manufacturing and shipping of the buggies, wagons, carts, hearses, and coffins. At the height of the buggy business in 1900, nearly 9,000 buggies were produced annually in Barnesville.

The various buggy firms employed hundreds of people. Barnesville became known as "the Buggy Capital of the South" because it produced more buggies than any other location south of Cincinnati, Ohio.

It's a great little southern town, and we are just enough off the beaten path where our German Shorthaired Pointers and Amereican Brittanys can enjoy life with us! We are a small working kennel, and we do hope you will enjoy your visit! Find us on Facebook as Buggytown Bird Dogs!